Augmented reality(AR) in gaming is the simultaneous incorporation of the game’s visual and audio content with the gamer’s environment in real-time. This is different from virtual reality which creates a completely new and artificial environment. Augmented reality in gaming uses the existing environment and enhances it by creating a virtual playing field within it. AR games are commonly played on smartphones, tablets and other such devices due to their ease of portability. AR uses digital information it receives from the game or application and superimposes it on top of the real-world environment the user is currently at.

In the gaming industry, AR technology is used to provide an interactive experience by using the objects and artifacts in the real world and enhances them virtually on the gaming screen. This technology has experienced the most popularity in the gaming industry, but it has also been implemented in other industries like e-commerce, retail, marketing, education, military, automotive and many more. This technology has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years and is playing a major role in reshaping the way we experience and interact with games.

Here are a few ways in which augmented reality is making an impact on the gaming industry:

1. Rapid Growth of Gaming
Augmented reality is bringing users and game developers closer than ever before. Although it was previously used in face filters, it has been widely adopted by game developers to create a unique gaming experience. It integrates advanced features which makes games more compelling and leverages developers while encouraging them to enhance their skills to create more applications of AR within a game. The incredibly rapid growth of AR game development is helping to create innovative, engaging games and is contributing to the growth of the overall gaming market.

2. Make Games Even More Appealing
Augmented reality allows developers to create an immersive experience for gamers and allows them to interact and feel gaming elements personally within their digitally created environment. AR appeals to the senses as it creates a digital environment that is layered on top of the real-world environment and provides gamers with an experience unlike any other. This uniqueness in terms of gameplay is what attracts and appeals to gamers to deliver an unforgettable experience. It uses computer-generated objects and implements them amongst real-world elements to create an engaging and thrilling experience.

3. Better Consoles
Due to the gaming industry being constantly flooded by new consoles that always seem to be better than the previous iteration, it becomes very difficult to choose a particular one suited to your needs. Augmented reality in game development is doing very much the same thing. It is bringing new opportunities for developers and providing them with new and exciting ways of incorporating this technology into games. This means that more and more consoles feature AR technology and in the future, we can expect it to play a major role in advancing gamer’s imagination and engagement than ever before.

4. Replacing Traditional Gaming
Augmented reality has the potential for creating endless possibilities in gaming. It provides several benefits to developers that are different from the traditional options available in the market. It’s technology, techniques and trends are all completely different from those offered by some of the biggest gaming giants in the world. This has resulted in a revolution in the gaming industry, sparking creativity and innovation.

5. Change of Perspective
Augmented reality implements data representation and supplements real-world environments to give users unique gameplay. AR in game development frequently features smart glasses support, 3D tracking, geolocation and other such related technologies to provide innovative games exclusively to devices that support AR.

Augmented Reality is The Future of Gaming
Augmented reality is unique in its approach as it brings digital creations to life. For game developers around the world, this creates exciting opportunities and promising career paths as the technology’s full potential is yet to be explored. AR has already contributed immensely towards increasing computing capabilities in our smartphones. it is an incredibly promising technology, one that is capable of turning a field into a gaming arena.