Ensuring Quality and Reliability through Comprehensive Testing

Boost efficiency and quality with reliable testing and quality assurance services.

Testing & QA

Producing defectless Applications—Leveraging best of technology and expertise to manage your applications reliability, security to produce high performance.
TechFirefly’s Testing & QA team is a leader in managing the Testing and QA processes for you.


A core team of testing experts is allocated to your business to maintain and reuse the accumulated knowledge of testing in your organization helping you maintain your brand voice with your customers. Importantly, this team can be scaled on-demand to deliver expertise across multiple technologies and efficiently solve the problem of limited testing resources.

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Building a Better Tomorrow with Humans & AI

Embracing the future hand in hand! We are committed to building a better tomorrow by harnessing the power of both humans and AI. Creating a world where innovation, collaboration, and technology converge to shape a brighter and more sustainable future.

Functional Testing

Deliver the speed and resiliency that supports the rapid application changes with in a continuous delivery pipeline.

Major Functional Testing techniques include:​

Mobile Testing

Best in class Mobile AI-powered Test cases that capture real-time activity with zero latency for any Android or iOS applications.

Major Mobile Testing techniques include:​

Security Testing

Are you concerned about your business security threats and want to know the risks involved? We help businesses secure vital data.

Major Security Testing techniques include:

Usability Testing

Our team assures that your application works in a realistic business scenario and use cases that simulate real user interaction.

Major Usability Testing techniques include:​

Performance Testing

Our performance analysts, system engineers and developers work together to deliver seamless performance testing services to tune systems to remain powerful and stable.

Major Performance Testing techniques include:

Test Automation

We follow assertive protocols of Automation testing and make sure that test scenarios reach results that are bug-free effectively.

Major Test Automation techniques include:​

Responsive Testing

Mobile-friendly websites have become an industry standard. We ensure that your product is responsive across multiple platforms.

Major Responsive Testing techniques include:​

Platform Compatibility

Mobile-friendly websites have become an industry standard. We ensure that your product is responsive across multiple platforms.

Major Platform Compatibilty Testing techniques include:​

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