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Case Studies Showcasing Innovation and Success.

Female operator of call center in protective mask consulting with male colleague

Audio Moderation

Audio App Company

This case study showcases the successful development of an in-house audio content moderation tool.

Woman working in call center

Scaling CoMo Ops

Social Media Company

This case study focuses on the successful scaling of content moderation services for a social media comapny.

Investors are calculating on calculator investment costs and holding cash notes in hand.

Cost Efficiency

Technology client

The case study focusses on the resolution of several key challenges in client's content moderation operations

Kids on Internet

Online Child Safety


In this case study, we explore the challenges faced & the solutions implemented to protect young users.

Content Moderation


A video sharing platform with millions of users, faced a significant challenge in moderating UGC.

People purchsing goods e-commerce online shopping

Localization Strategies


Platform catering to a diverse customer base, failed in engaging users from different regions.

Customer review good rating concept, customer review by five star feedback, positive feedback.

Assets Review

Technology Company

Our case study delves into scaling a content review team while enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Software engineer

Software Engineering

Travel Insurance

Development of the travel insurance website with web technologies for seamless & secure experience.