The only constant thing is change and change is inevitable. Changes in the tech world has brought a significant contribution to innovation. Technology-driven tools that we use to will be upgraded tomorrow.

Software testing automation is no different. First-gen software testing automation was introduced and soon after second-gen tools like Selenium came to action and then we have a script-less software test automation approach that powered software testers to develop high-end complex test cases and test scripts with little knowledge of coding or programming.
This helped businesses to automate large volumes and drastically reduce go-to-market time.

The Race for AI Testing

Essentially one of the important breakthroughs in technology is the availability of artificial intelligence, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant.
These Ais are focussed on one or more lower-level tasks, for instance, searching something over the internet or recognizing voice command to play music, add to your calendar, make a reservation for you, etc.

Software companies are competing to build a full-fledged AI capable of understanding and interacting human actions, thinking and decisions.
The increasing influence of AI has already made its entry to the world of QA. In an easier sense, this has become a trend and many software testing companies are incorporating AI with their NLP test automation solutions.

Major players in the software industry are trying to unlock the full potential of AI, one thing is for sure, the continuous efforts will call for more and more integrations of AI. Having said that AI will not replace testers but will co-exist to help enhance the software quality.

Shortened Life cycles

The increasing demand for efficiency has given rise to the adoption of several frameworks, approaches, practices, and culture.

Various methodologies are been used in project management like Waterfall, Kanban, Extreme programming, Scrum and much more. The demand for shorter go-to-market time of the product and better results that are solely based on iterative processes, this is the reason why Agile is being adopted.
DevOps was introduced along the way, practically a culture and practice that helps shorten cycles, whether (RC) Release Cycle or (SDLC) Software Development Life Cycle.

The Age of Mobile Testing

The growth in mobile usage and the internet has never been this huge before and this will only keep reaching new levels all thanks to digitalization happening all over the globe. Everyday activities of individuals are highly influenced digitally. This means every business needs to have its product accessible to the mobile users and this means a major shift in QA as well. Testers and developers need to make sure all digital products such as web apps, mobile native apps, and webpages are mobile responsive.

Working with mobile technology involves integration mostly done through (API) Application Programming Interface, APIs facilitate interoperability between mobile platforms.

Big players in the software test automation industry noticed the increasing need, hence they have developed Testing Automation Software for mobile app testing in addition to Web and Web services testing.

Testing Blockchain Application on The Rise

To leverage the benefit from the blockchain technology, different industries are shifting to blockchain and this means QA testers need to step up their game. Testing blockchain-driven technology involves additional metrics, KPIs for the test team.

Longer the chain more data the blockchain has which results in high storage consumptions in datastore thus it is of high importance that Data integrity and data propagation are taken into account by the QA test team.

Hashes and cryptography are the new buzzwords for testing teams. These are features of the blockchain and deal with security within the blockchain. Every time a new token is generated Hashes are created. Any type of transaction within the chain is a token, it is the role of the testing team to ensure smooth running and no flaws.

A glimpse into the future of software testing automation covers Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, mobile technology shift, and reduced delivery lifecycles and these are the biggest trends in the world of technology.

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