Recruiters pay thousands for interactive and powerful search tools that highlight talent based on algorithms and special keywords.

If you want to get through the filters, read the below tips and optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Search for the ideal candidate has gone beyond the traditional method, the use of Big Data and AI has changed the way recruiters search for you.

These days using strong Search Engine Optimizations tools in finding passive candidates is simply fast, effective and time-saving.

According to a study done by The Undercover, 97% of all staffing professionals use LinkedIn in their daily recruiting efforts. If you’re planning for a career move, definitely optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiters.

1) Identify Keywords Related to Your Industry

Recruiters will use all the available tools to simplify their work, they will search on multiple categories including geography, specific skill, Job title, years of experience and much more.

In very simple words think about how someone would search for a professional just like you. Let’s say you are a localization expert. Include the term “Localization Expert” in your headline so that someone searching for a Localization Expert will easily find you.

Consider the below headlines:
Ralph Amrose | Manager | Tech Firefly. (Room for improvement)
Ralph Amrose | Localization Manager | FMCG Expert | Tech Firefly. (Better)
Ralph Amrose | Senior Localization Manager | FMCG Expert |Tech Firefly. (Most Appropriate)

Staffing professionals searching for Senior Localization Manager in the FMCG sector will find Ralph easily with the new optimized headline.

2) Expand Your Reach

Broad reach is essential if you want to be discovered on LinkedIn by hiring decision-makers and recruiters.
Don’t be shy! Connect with as many people as possible to widen your reach and easily be found.
The more the connections, the better the chances of you being found!

Make sure you in the race to increase the connections you don’t randomly bombard people with connection requests, connect with professionals relevant to your interests and target industries. Having 500 quality connections is better than 5000 random connections.

3) Dual Identity Crisis

Yes, you will find many people existing with the same name as yours. Ensure that your name is unique to you on social media platforms to avoid any confusion that may arise.

I’m not going to stress much on the confusion.

Use your middle name if you have to, to avoid a potentially confusing name. You definitely do not want to miss out on an opportunity because information intended for you could reach someone else.

Make it easy for hiring managers to find you by optimizing your profile.

4) Start with an Awesome Value Proposition

Having a strong compelling story that has a strong value proposition is very important.
What problems can you solve?
How do you add value?
How do you make a difference?
These questions will help you determine your unique value proposition.
Your value proposition is the key differentiator, this is the one thing that will help your audience figure the person you are and if you are the right fit for them.

5) Be Authentic

Be Authentic because what is not is simply a duplicate and organizations have no place or time for duplicates.

Beautifully infuse some emotion into your story by being authentic.
Your Bio should speak directly to your audience and help them understand what you do.

6) Build Out Your Summary

Believe me, spend some time on your summary and your profile will jump off the page and will help the recruiters and your audience understand you better.

Try including the below.
Your Accomplishments / Values / Passions / Why and How are you DIFFERENT

7) Profile Photo

Nothing fancy, keep it professional and show your personality.
Getting professional headshots is perfect, if not there is a way around it!
There is no reason why you shouldn’t take the time out for a headshot and make your profile look absolutely professional.

8) Customize Your URL

Lastly most individuals tend to ignore this, customize the URL to make it easy to understand so people could find you easily.

You can find the URL to your account in the grey box below your name. Click the edit button and customize it.

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