There has been a massive evolution in the field of testing with new trends coming into the IT industry. The introduction of new technologies has brought updates in the software design, development, testing, and delivery. Below are external and internal factors contributing to the changes in software testing.

External Factors Contributing to Changes in Software Testing
Some of the most notable trends contributing to the software testing industry include:

⦁ Growing use of technology, both as consumers and business users. On average individuals use at least 9 apps on a daily basis, well this is only on the smartphones. Consider all the other technologies being used throughout the day and the figure will multiply.

⦁ Demands for new software releases and improvements to the existing applications to come to the market quickly.

⦁ Increasing expectations around the software user experience. A study by Tech Beacon shows that 49% of users expect an application to respond in 2 seconds or less and whooping 80% of users will not attempt to use an app that is problematic more than 3 times.

The worldwide market for Internet of Things products and services will reach $7.1 trillion by 2020, making it essential for every business to at least dip their toes in the water of software development and testing.

Internal Factors Contributing to Changes in Software Testing

⦁ The growth of Agile and DevOps, which are changing how, when and with whom testers need to work and have major cultural impacts on testing teams. Adoption in these areas will continue to grow.

⦁ Shift from manual testing to automated testing requires testers to learn new skill sets.
is becoming a default approach for many testing situations. The goal is finding the right balance between manual and automated testing. Having a human touch will always remain important even as we move towards a world that is technically inclined.

⦁ The growth of tech solutions to aid (SDLC) software development lifecycle. Currently, there are about 1500 tools that testers can use throughout the software development life cycle. Testers’ approach needs to be accurate or development testing can be complicated.

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