How AI is changing IoT

Internet of things or IoT concept letters with icons of end devices, objects, networks, standards

Introduction The strong combination of IoT and AI is intriguing, rapidly developing, and has the possibility of challenging many industries. Let’s look at how these two technologies can work together to provide the best solutions in this data-driven world. IoT and AI are both new and rapidly increasing digital technologies. Artificial intelligence unlocks the full… Continue reading How AI is changing IoT

AI Makes Edge & IoT Smarter

Businessman working on tablet using ai. Business technology, IoT Internet of Things, ai concept

What is Edge AI? Edge AI is a hybrid of edge computing and artificial intelligence that enables machine learning operations to be carried out on connected edge devices. Low-latency, ultra-low energy sensors with onboard computation will be critical as the Internet of Things evolves. Systems would be compelled to process data in faraway clouds and… Continue reading AI Makes Edge & IoT Smarter

Quantum computing enhancing financial services

A man employs cloud-based computing on his smartphone to facilitate data transmission and backup.

Introduction to quantum computing  Quantum computers (QCs) are cutting-edge devices that employ quantum mechanics techniques to do tasks at a much faster rate than ordinary computers. QCs store and process information using quantum bits (qubits), which can be in several states at the same time. This characteristic, called superposition, enables QCs to handle more information… Continue reading Quantum computing enhancing financial services

Blockchain transforming the financial industry

Blockchain concept

Blockchain technology is now more capable and can design decentralized, transparent, and safe systems. Moreover, it has the most potential and can change the way we do business, make investments, and handle our finances. The financial sector is only now beginning to see the potential of this technology, yet there are still certain regulatory hurdles… Continue reading Blockchain transforming the financial industry

AI & the Future of Banking and financial services

Virtual reality, credit card and man for financial innovation, digital payment and ai futuristic me

Overview of artificial intelligence (AI) Many types of AI are being applied in several businesses as the field of AI develops further. Among them are machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Particularly in the banking and financial services sector, machine learning has grown in popularity. How AI will help in the finance and… Continue reading AI & the Future of Banking and financial services

AI The New Front Line in Cybersecurity

Neon AI on a keyboard

Why Should AI Be Used in Cybersecurity? Machine learning algorithms can identify behavioural patterns from enormous historical data sets across a variety of cybersecurity apps and procedures. However, the information may be hard to come by, out of date by the time it is analyzed, or too customized to certain cybersecurity scenarios. Because of this,… Continue reading AI The New Front Line in Cybersecurity

AI Revolution Will Take Over Your Browser

Engineering female wearing VR glasses for simulate control automation robotic welding machines

Introduction AI assistants are about to be the greatest thing in browsers since the invention of the tab. Businesses large or small are searching for methods to include chatbots in the customer experience while also going further. Soon, your browser may be able to automatically modify the way a website looks and functions, as well… Continue reading AI Revolution Will Take Over Your Browser

AI For Your Unique Business Challenges

Engineer inspecting automatic AI robot arm and machines in factory. Engineer inspecting automatic AI

As long as AI technology became a part of the greatest tech narrative, fear became a part of that discourse. Some of it is just the typical, ever-present dread of the unknown; we don’t know what long-term ramifications this technology will have, and most people don’t grasp what it is capable of. Contrary to popular… Continue reading AI For Your Unique Business Challenges



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