About Us

The ultimate fusion of human ingenuity and AI

Unleashing the Synergy of Human Potential and AI Innovation: Forging a Limitless Future of Endless Possibilities


Innovative, Technical and Problem Solving Enthusiasts

Our expertise lies across the industry starting with User Experience, Product Development, Automation and transforming to Cloud Technology. We are Globally established and trusted technology partner to over 50+ clients all around.
We were born out of no where with a couple of people as TechRabbit then now transformed into Multi National Company which has now grown to over 1400+ employees worldwide.​

Software engineer

Hapiness Guaranteed

Diversity Matters

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Our Value


We only believe in open and honest communication, always.


We accept responsibility, own our actions, our wins and our losses.


We are all about happy clients, employees and their satisfaction.


We are willing to do whatever it takes each and every time.

Fail Forward

We are risk-takers and challenge the status quo.


We CARE, always give 100% and love what we do.


Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in building diverse teams that bring a range of perspectives, skills, and talents. We foster an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect.