All games have influences that reflect a particular cultural background or regional references. Any game that features such connotations are regularly adapted to the linguistic and cultural customs of other regions when it is marketed globally.

Video game localization is the process of customizing games to suit different local markets. This is usually done by focusing on adapting local culture and language into the game. Localization is one of the most effective ways to penetrate global markets and be accessible to more gamers. A large percentage of gamers do not play a game unless it is in their local or native language.

Despite promoting inclusivity in gaming, video game localization leads to several other benefits as well:

1 – Increase in Sales
Only 27% of the world’s gaming population speaks English. This means that a game that entirely features only English will not be attractive to the larger gaming demographic. To reach the entire market base means to provide the game to them in a way that attracts and grabs their attention. One of the best ways to increase sales and reach a larger target audience is by using video game localization.

Any game can be translated to Russian, Chinese, German, French, etc. depending on the target region and the language they speak. When the game enters a new market, sales will increase. Video games play a huge role in people’s entertainment and localization facilities global immersion and naturally attracts customers in the target region

2 – Increase in Downloads
For the sales to increase, the downloads need to increase as well. As a result, developers need to expand their target market and include other regions to increase their downloads. Video game localization is ideal for achieving this goal as it encourages developers to go global by thinking locally.

3 – Makes Game Players Feel Valued
Video game localization is one of the easiest methods to increase user satisfaction. A multilingual gaming interface ensures the gamers feel like the game is designed specifically for them. Video game localization also helps to eliminate the gamer’s confusion regarding the game’s plot and story as well as controls. This creates a special connection between developers and gamers.

4 – Helps You Stand out in the Fierce Competition
There are two methods for localizing video games. The first is to take the lead with localization in the game from the start and make strategic decisions and be predictable. This means choosing the target regions, countries and the preferred language they speak. The second method is about being reactive. This means changing specific aspects of the game according to the player’s feedback and suggestions. Both of these methods are effective in making the game more competitive in the international market.

5 – Helps to Keep Control of Your Game
The methods used in video game localization is ideal for avoiding mistranslations or revisions due to piracy. When a developer translates and localizes content within a game, it becomes easier for them to control the translation quality of the game. When a game is localized, it is imperative to localize it during the project rather than in the final stages of development as it ensures effective and accurate localization throughout the entire game and creates a more complete product.

If video game localization is conducted from the start, then the developers will save a lot of time and money rather than changing each text and translating it once the game’s production is finished. If a game is popular is one particular language, then just think about the impact the game would have in multiple different languages.

6 – Secures a Higher Ranking in APP Store
Gamers dictate and influence the ranking of a game in global markets. Any misunderstanding is language or text can result in players writing negative reviews for the game or giving it a low rating. It takes a vast amount of time, effort and money to undo and overcome such a setback

However, if the game is localized by a professional translator, the gamer will be exposed to the errors mentioned above and will, as a result, give positive feedback. This positive feedback from various different countries means that app stores will pay more attention to the game. As a result, it will lead to a higher potential of showing up in-app store searches and will ultimately end in getting more downloads.