In the age of the internet, companies use recruitment tools and online recruiting strategies to find suitable candidates who they can make connections with. Since social media is the go-to destination for most people, this is the arena that a recruiter should look at closely. People usually have more than just one social media account. They use social media to share their thoughts or to converse with like-minded individuals about anything that goes viral or trending.

Social hiring is on the rise. Recruiters find that sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have been helpful in not only advertising their businesses to people who may find their products and services useful but also seem to be able to find quality candidates for the job via the realms of social media.

We at Tech Firefly would like to share some of the secrets of how recruiters use social media to find the right candidates. Here are a few ways you can master social media recruiting.

1. Find the right conversations and take part in them – The best way to conduct social media recruiting is to be able to cut right through the noise and find the right people meant for the job. When you stay active on LinkedIn groups and use the right hashtags, you can get job openings from your company to surface for relevant individuals. #howcoolisthat

2. Promote the company’s culture – It makes sense to flaunt the culture of your firm online. Show that you care about your employees and clients, share images of your employees having fun during festivities at the office. If your employees share your office culture on their personal timelines that makes things even better for you. Let people know just how awesome it is to work with you.

3. Niche networks are valuable too – Social hiring is a vast dynamic. While everyone seems to be conversing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, don’t forget that there are niche networks out there for specialized or skilled professionals. For example, you will find designers and artists on Behance. You will find developers on GitHub. Marketers spend time on famous forums like Warrior Forum and Moz. Quora is also an important outlet for many with valuable information and skills.

4. Involve everyone – The power of social media knows no bounds. You should unleash its potential to the fullest. Get everyone in your firm to share information on openings in your company. Let your employees share their work experience or photos while tagging your business. Encourage all of your staff to share or reblog posts from your company. You can also arrange sessions for digital marketing for HR professionals in your company. Digital marketing for HR professionals will enable your team to be able to cope with social hiring on their own.

5. Create a campaign – With campaign tools on sites like LinkedIn, you can opt to invest in finding the right candidate. Your post will be advertised to all relevant individuals in a specific location with specific skills. LinkedIn will make this job easier for you. Of course, you can do this on Facebook or Instagram as well, but LinkedIn tends to keep things a bit more professional.

Now that you are aware of just how important it is to recruit online you should get started on a social media recruiting strategy right away. It may seem complicated at first but with the right help you should be recruiting the best individuals for the job in no time. Need help with your online recruitment strategy? Reach out to us at Tech Firefly today at [email protected] for advice and we’d be happy to assist you. You can also stay up to date with industry news and updates by following us on our social media!