Software testing is essential for correcting mistakes made during the development process. Some mistakes can be unimportant and inconsequential, but they can also be expensive and dangerous enough to put the entire project in jeopardy. As a result, it is crucial to check each and every aspect of the development process to identify and correct mistakes.

Since the assumption is that the project development already contains mistakes, it is important to start by checking our own work. However, some mistakes can occur due to bad assumptions and blind spots, these might be reflected in our work as well. So it is very likely that we would not notice any issues or flaws in what was initially created.

Ideally, a third party must be assigned to check our work as another person is more likely to detect and identify flaws.

There are many reasons which clearly outline why software testing is vital and what major aspects should be considered when conducting software tests on any product or application.

Listed below are the reasons why software testing is essential:

1 – Software testing is important for detecting any defects and errors that occurred during the development phases.

Example: Programmers might make an error during the implementation of the software. This can happen due to many reasons, such as inexperience of the programmer, lack of knowledge about the programming language, insufficient experience in the domain, improper implementation of the algorithm as a result of complex logic or simply human error.

2 – Software testing is essential as it assures the customer that the organization is reliable and that these quality assurance tests will ensure that their satisfaction is maintained when delivering the final product.

  • If the customer does not think that the testing organization is trustworthy or if they are not satisfied with the quality delivered, then they might choose to instead go with a competitor. 
  • Often, contracts might mention monetary penalties regarding the timeline and quality of the product. In such cases, accurate software testing would be crucial in saving the company from losses.

3 – Software testing ensures the quality of the product. Delivering a high-quality product to customers helps in gaining their trust and confidence. 

  • As mentioned above, timely delivery of a high-quality product is crucial for strengthening the bond with the customer and helps in gaining their confidence and trust.

4 – Software testing is vital in delivering a high-quality product or software application that requires relatively less maintenance costs and also creates accurate, consistent and reliable results.

  • High-quality products generally contain fewer defects and need less maintenance effort, which ultimately results in reduced costs.

5 – Testing is essential for ensuring the effective and accurate performance of the software application or product.

6 – Software testing is important to ensure that the application or product does not result in any failures as it can be quite expensive to correct in later stages of development or even after the product goes live.

  • Proper testing allows bugs and other issues to be detected early on in the development lifecycle of the product or application.
  • If any detect regarding requirements or design are found late in the life cycle, it can be quite costly to fix them as the product might need a redesign, re-implementation and retesting of the application.

7 – Software testing is required to stay in business.

  • Users tend to refrain from using software that contains bugs. They might not be willing to adopt software if they are unhappy with the stability of the application.
  • If we consider a product organization or startup which only has one product, poor quality software will result in an absence of adoption of the product and will incur significant losses which the business might never recover from.