Major brands are investing in Virtual reality, about 75% of the world’s most valuable brands have some form of Virtual Reality or Augmented reality experience.

More organizations have started to explore how Virtual reality can create a more enhanced, attractive and great experience for their customers. With this comes a lot of innovative development and Quality Assurance testing work.

Types of testing VR products need

Real Device Testing

Virtual Reality products often depend on specific specialized hardware. The best way to ensure efficiency is to test using the devices listed in the requirement.
These may include HTC Vive or Oculus Rift both of which seamlessly connect to computers for powerful VR experience. Samsung Gear and Google Daydream, work very well with the user’s smartphone. Testing the device listed in the requirement is essential.

User Specifications and Experience Testing

Even before testing begins, QA engineers review the Virtual reality product’s scope requirements. Once they are familiarized with the requirements, they prepare potential use cases. This helps them understand all scenarios for user engagement.

Quality assurance providers have rigorous testing strategies to prevent even the smallest errors hampering user experience.
Accessibility Testing

Full immersion is the ultimate goal, but it also vital to limit the discomfort of the user as much as possible. Using virtual reality products can come with physical consequences. Headaches, motion sickness, eye strain, etc. Testing the product for accessibility can limit the liability of the company building the product.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility test helps measure the performance of the application accessed by devices with lower system specifications or on devices that it hasn’t been optimized for along with this compatibility testing also helps catch dangerous non-functional issues such as overheating of the device.

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