Chatbots have progressed significantly in the past few years especially due to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). Their integration has transformed chatbots into an extremely sophisticated and versatile tool that is capable of automating several business processes.

Besides being adept at answering customer queries, Chatbots powered with AI can also be used for marketing initiatives and to guide customers to products and services that are suited for them.

Here are a few ways chatbots can improve your marketing strategy:

Offer your audience a personalized experience.
Addressing customers with their names has the potential to change the conversion in your favor. Chatbots that are linked with social media are capable of collecting data about any customer they interact with.

Whenever a customer has a query, chatbots can not only accurately respond to it but also offer personalized advice based on the customers preferences and history.

Larger engagement capacity.
Chatbots are unique as they can engage with multiple customers at the same time and also retain them. Chatbots also keep their attention for longer than traditional methods. It can also learn from their interactions to send relevant information to them regarding the brand, products and services. It is capable of upselling and cross-selling while providing a personalized, conversational and engaging experience.

Reach a wider audience.
As chatbots are becoming more common, they have also been integrated on social media messaging platforms, giving them the ability to reach an almost limitless audience. They allow companies to target a new customer base by assessing new demographics and they can be used across multiple messaging platforms as well, allowing businesses to be available to help customers at any time. This opens new opportunities to create and increase sales.

Gather and analyze customer feedback and data.
Chatbots are particularly efficient at gathering feedback from customers. Usually, people do not engage in competing surveys as they find it to be quite time-consuming. Using chatbots alters the approach to collecting feedback by creating a natural conversational environment.

Moreover, by using machine learning tools, chatbots can effectively analyze feedback to gain meaningful insights into customer expectations. This gives businesses the opportunity to reassess their marketing strategy to focus better on customer needs.

Send relevant notifications.
Customers despise being subjected to emails, texts and other notifications every time there is a change or something new in your business, products or services. Chatbots utilizing social media can be programmed to only send relevant and personalized notifications to each customer.

Make communicating with your brand more fun.
Chatbots not only deliver quality information to customers, but they also create fun and engaging interactions. This approach of chatbots makes marketing efforts more fun and interactive which plays a part in retention in the mind of the customer. It has also been proven to increase the number of visitors to websites by sharing relevant blog posts and other related content

Automatically make your brand proactive.
Quite often, brands’ approach towards customer interactions can be quite passive. They tend to only respond to customers that have contacted them first. Chatbots can automatically send a welcoming notification when a person visits a website or social media profile, thus making the user aware of the chatbot. This creates a more proactive approach for your brand which enhances reputation as well as increasing interactions and sales figures too

Move your customers seamlessly through the sales funnel.
An essential but time-consuming aspect of every marketing strategy is lead generation and nurturing. Chatbots enable businesses to gather the required information to send personalized messages to customers to help them find products and services suited to their needs.

Keep your social media presence fresh.
It is not only unrealistic for customer care teams to answer every single query on social media profiles but it is also extremely time-consuming and expensive. Chatbots make it possible to interact and be available to customers 24×7, all throughout the year. This saves money for a business while simultaneously keeping social media presence active and fresh.

The popularity of chatbots in reaching customers does not come as a surprise. Implementing chatbots in marketing strategies allows businesses to learn more about the audience, customize marketing efforts to suit their needs, reach a new demographic and monetize through social media profiles.