The hiring process is complex. While it is easier for interviewers to get away with mistakes made during an interview than it is for an interviewee, it is important to understand that you are representing your company. A valuable candidate who might be perfect for the company may choose to not take up the job if they feel badly about the interviewer.


There are some common rookie mistakes that interviewers make, and these should be minimized to ensure there is no damage to the employer’s reputation. We at Tech Firefly can point out these common interview mistakes that interviewers make while hiring.

Top 8 interview mistakes you need to avoid while recruiting a candidate:

1. No proper introduction

A lot of candidates arrive early and are quite nervous or eager. If you make them wait for too long it might turn out to be frustrating for the candidate. You should make sure you have a proper welcome in place for them. Give them something to drink and ask them to wait in a comfortable spot if you are busy for a few minutes or so.

2. Not checking the resume

It’s totally not okay to sit down a candidate if you haven’t even glanced their resume. Just a few minutes of skimming through their profile will save you from any embarrassment. Show the candidate that you respect their qualifications.

3. You decide to dominate the conversation

You talk about yourself or your role in the company for a long time. You also decide to lecture or stray off into other topics. You might end up cutting the candidate’s sentences in half. This could be belittling and will reflect poorly on the company itself. It is important to ask clear questions and to be able to hold an interactive conversation with the candidate.

4. The questions are irrelevant or annoying

Rhetorical questions or anything that is far from the purpose of the two of you being there would be rather off putting for the candidate. Also, you shouldn’t decide to throw out brainteasers or predictable questions. Make sure nothing you ask is illegal or inappropriate. Your questions should be respectful and relevant to the professional field along.

5. Boastful demeanour

It’s okay to talk about your company and present it in the best possible light. But don’t get carried away. Never exaggerate or make promises you can’t keep. It’s okay to praise the achievements of the company but the more you relate yourself to it, the more you are alienating the interviewee from yourself.

6. Too straightforward

If a candidate isn’t up to the mark you may as well let them get off lightly. Personally attacking someone by saying there are better candidates for the role or undervaluing their experience or background will reflect very poorly on the principles of the company.

7. Dodging questions

It is common for interviewees to ask questions about the company or its culture. Sometimes the questions might be hard to answer but it important that you think about it for a moment and provide a suitable answer. Never dodge questions as this would only reduce the level of trust that the interviewee has in you or the firm.

8. Leaving Yоur Cellphone On

Wе mау live in a wіrеd, аlwауѕ-аvаіlаblе society, but a ringing сеllрhоnе іѕ nоt аррrорrіаtе fоr аn interview. Turn іt оff bеfоrе уоu enter inside an interview.

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