Hiring the right person for the job is an art. Finding effective employees and helping the grow, gives you a huge business advantage. Not only will effective employees grow in skill and reputation that can benefit you, it will also open up new doors and opportunities for your business. There’s a reason the human resources department is considered a crucial cog in the success of an organization. Good hiring is one of the biggest boosts to scaling up a business.

Here are some tips on how to find employees who will scale up with your business.

1. Hire a good recruiter

Doing this gives you access to a large segment of people in the job market. Recruiters speak to 1000’s of applicants every day and view just as many profiles. Intelligently build recruitment services can give you a list of employable people for you to shortlist. This makes it more likely that you will find people with relevant experience, interest and skills. Having a good recruiter agency on board can make your HR department doubly effective at making the right hires.

2. Use a staff augmentation service

These services help you make a more ideal HR policy, recruitment agenda and helps your HR staff do better shortlisting. Tech Firefly offers a staff augmentation service that dives into the core of each organization and its staffing requirements. More than just a glance at matching profiles, Tech Firefly helps find people with relevant and reliable experience. An awareness of the difficulty of staffing in any particular industry is what sets Tech Firefly apart from the rest. Your staffing will get better with each and every hire.

3. Look for people who show initiative

When finalizing profiles, look through to find out which of the candidates shows the most initiative. An employee that has decision making experience and has a sound logical process is ideal for your organization. When looking for people who will help your business grow, you need to be hiring innovators who find better ways to do things. This will translate into new business ideas and practices that either generate fresh revenue or reduce costs of time and money.

4. Look for skilled profiles

This sounds like an obvious point, but recruiters usually do not filter skill levels well, since experience is the only real indicator of skill. Try a different kind of interview, which forces the person to show that he or she has the skills that are needed to execute their tasks. An employee who has a strong command over the tools and processes to be followed is likely to be extremely effective at executing strategic moves for the benefit of the organization.


Identifying the right parameters for a position, getting a recruiter to source the right profiles and then a careful selection process. These are the keys to successful hiring. If you have complex or high volume hiring requirements, Tech Firefly will be able to help you strategically to meet your staffing objectives. Get in touch with us today at [email protected] You can also stay up to date with industry news and updates by following us on our social media!