Currently, any information we need is only a click away. Without realizing it, we are influenced by technology trends. Social media has grown to become a part of our everyday lives. Indeed, from our old college friend’s wedding photos to being updated on global events in real-time, social media has become the new norm in keeping up to date about daily life. But it is important to note that the level of consumption of social media has both positive and negative effects.

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp are intrinsically linked to our daily schedule. We use them to communicate, as a marketing tool, read real-time news, stay updated on our interests and hobbies and many other things. But another aspect of social media that is influencing our lives is the integration of AI in social media.

Artificial intelligence is another emerging technology trend that has come to influence many of our lives as well. It’s potential for driving productivity and reasonable costs are incredibly attractive for businesses and organizations to grow. There are several AI-based automated tools used to target the correct audiences via social media. AI allows developers to better a better pathway for social media users to find things that might interest them based on their social history. This is key in creating an enhanced experience for social media platform users.

Here are four ways in which AI is enhancing our social media experience:

Content Optimization Tools For Social Media
Virtual assistants or chatbots can be utilized to develop content for social media sites. Content has a vital role in boosting sales as well as brand awareness for any business. Content like press releases, headlines, webinars, interviews, blogs, etc are commonly featured on social media platforms. AI tools allow marketers to optimize their content. It does this by understanding the interests of the target audience, their strengths, weaknesses of competitors as well as other related trends on social media. AI tools are being increasingly integrated into social media marketing to create an enhanced customer experience and onboard new customers.

Image Recognition For Marketing
AI tools are also used to enhance advertisements on social media. Pictures and animations have become a vital tool for marketers to sell or promote a new product or service. This allows marketers to effectively use images and animations to increase the level of customer engagement. Additionally, image recognition allows marketers to determine the current, past and future behavior of their customers effectively.

Enhancing Social Listening Process
The method of tracking conversations based on certain keywords, phrases or brands is known as social media listening. The data gathered by tracking conversations can be used to write articles for targeted customers or even for creating job opportunities on social media platforms. Social listening is an effective method for interacting with customers effectively and developing campaigns based on those interactions to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Using Chatbots And Virtual Assistants
There are many benefits to using chatbots and virtual assistants on social media websites. They help to reduce assumptions which creates a more effective process. This allows marketers to accurately analyze customer data and accordingly engage with them on their interests. Chatbots are quite often underestimated but they are an effective tool for creating a better customer experience and journey.

They hold tremendous potential in helping to create an effective marketing strategy. Also, chatbots with AI have the ability to compare posts on social media platforms and enable marketers to assess and choose the method with the most potential and effectiveness to attract the target audience.