When a game developer is bringing a new game application to the market they expect it to become famous instantly. Their objective is to provide an engaging and satisfying experience to the gamer so that they will prefer playing it as opposed to any other game in the market. Obtaining such an edge over the competitors is only possible if the gaming experience is seamless and works the way the developers want it to without any glitches or errors. This is important as this is the factor that decides whether the game succeeds or not and it is possible to deliver such an experience by conducting game testing throughout the development process.

Video game testing is crucial to the gaming industry. It is an integral part of the game development process as it allows developers to analyze the game and identify, document and fix any software defects that may hamper the overall gaming experience. This ensures that the end product performs at optimum levels and maintains quality throughout the game.

The Risk Factor

Video game testing enables developers to have a constant focus to search on various parameters like code errors, completeness, bugs, bottlenecks, inconsistencies, coherence, etc.

Other than testing the game code, game testing also helps to address the major risks of a new game coming to the market as they are able to identify and fix any feature that would otherwise harm or disrupt the overall experience. Some of these are:

  • Does the game create a compelling experience for the target audience
  • Is the fun factor present throughout the game
  • Does the game include a player-centric design
  • Is the game unique, fast-paced or competitive
  • Are there any errors because of broken features, technical issues, poor video, bad background music, etc.
  • Is the game easy to use and control
  • Does it feature engaging visual design and gameplay experience?

Third-party game testing
Nowadays, most game developers prefer to outsource their game testing to a third party QA testing services company. This becomes a viable option as third party game testing agencies provide affordable services rates and due to their expertise and access to the latest testing technologies produce results quickly.

This is a huge benefit to developers as it spares them from creating an in-house team that would otherwise be quite costly and time-consuming. Not to mention the savings on the added cost of providing testing equipment, overall infrastructure cost, employee payment, etc

By opting for outsourced testing, developers can provide their team with more time to focus on core business activities, allowing them to create original game applications that are engaging and offer a better experience to the gamer.

The Impact of Video Game Testing

Quality Assessment
Video game developers want to do all they can to ensure that they deliver the best product to their customers which is engaging and also stands out amongst their competitors. One of the best ways to ensure this is by having a qualified and experienced game tester analyze and assess the game before it reaches the market. QA testing detects any bugs or defects that are present in the game code and fixes it to deliver a polished product before it is launched to the public.

Identify Improvement Areas for the Next Version
Quite often video games are subject to upgrades during their time they are live in the market. There are also many games that are subject to the creation of a sequel or the next version to an existing property that can be improved upon. Video game testing allows testers to assess the current version and advise as well as identify areas that can be improved upon. These parameters are compared by the value they add to the overall gaming experience before it is incorporated. This helps game developers remain relevant in the field of gaming.

Video Games Ranking and Reviewing
Game testing also has a significant impact on a particular games’ ranking and reviewing. Companies and websites that feature the ranking of various video games rely on the help of game testers. They employ testers that assess the game on an extensive list of parameters before giving a verdict. As such these game testers need to be experienced and produce verdicts based on testing results as this information will be used by the gaming market before making a purchase.

An Entry Into Games Development
Experienced game testers possess extensive knowledge in the workings of different types of video games. This puts them in high demand as big and reputable game development companies require experts in-game testing. They may also undertake them as a developer due to the knowledge of the inner working of different types of video games.