Gaming has been an established part of our collective culture for centuries. Whether it is in playing cards, sports or even across different devices like computers, console or phone, the gaming industry has been thriving and has only become better and more accessible over the years. One of the biggest impacts in the world of gaming has been the rise and popularity of mobile gaming and how it has continued to evolve and improve.

In this article, we will look at some of the most innovative and technological advancements in mobile gaming that are revolutionizing the gaming industry and providing a better experience for gamers.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
When we consider the most impactful innovation for the past few years in the world of entertainment and technology, virtual reality and augmented reality always make the top of the list. Commonly known as VR and AR respectively, let’s take a look at the difference between these innovations and their impact in the world of gaming.

In the simplest term, Virtual Reality offers gamers a unique and totally immersive experience by placing them in a completely digital environment when they are playing a game or wearing a VR headset. While using VR, gamers can manipulate and interact with this digital world and experience gaming unlike ever before.

The concept of Augmented Reality is pretty similar to that of VR but the difference is that AR is not as immersive as VR but still provides a unique and immersive experience. AR technology enhances, alters and manipulates certain elements of the gamer’s actual real-world environment. One of the most popular applications of this technology was its incorporation in the wildly successful mobile game Pokemon Go. In the game, users could find various pokemon characters superimposed in real-world elements through the mobile’s camera view.

App and Game Accessibility
Despite its primary purpose of contacting people and connecting to the internet, mobile phones have become an integral part in providing an engaging gaming experience. The versatility of mobile phones means that games can be created that offer a unique gaming experience, which is one of the most appealing aspects to a gamer. Pokemon Go, for instance, incorporated physical activity as a necessary part of their gameplay.

Many games are also taking advantage of mobile phones’ ability to share achievements and high scores on social media. Developers have realized pretty early on that as mobiles are responsible for most of the content uploaded on personal social media accounts it would be the ideal medium for promoting and popularizing their games as well.

Another exciting innovation that will soon impact the world of mobile gaming is the implementation of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming will allow gamers to access games from anywhere just as long as they have an internet connection. This creates the possibility of playing console games on your mobile phone and also the possibility of cross-platform gaming via mobile phones.

Improved Graphics and Interface
In addition to improved accessibility and changing gaming methods, one of the most appealing factors of the gaming industry’s popularity has been the advancements in the field of graphics and user interface. Earlier, only computers like the ability to run high-performance games. This was soon emulated by dedicated gaming consoles which was the next step in gaming. Now, due to technological advancements and hardware components becoming smaller and easier to fit in a handheld device, the same powerful and high-quality graphics can be found in mobile games as well.

Face and Voice Recognition
Gone are the days where gaming meant sitting in a room on the computer. Technological advancements have fundamentally changed the gaming landscape. Several game developers are switching from traditional models and are opting for voice-controlled games and facial recognition technology as their primary technologies. Voice control technology offers a unique interactive experience that makes the game feel more realistic and immersive. Although this technology is still in its infancy and has a long way to go before mainstream adoption, it has shown a lot of potential in its applications and what it could offer as a gaming experience.

New Types of Gamescapes
The gaming world is eagerly waiting to get their hands on new consoles, the development of cloud gaming and all of the aforementioned technologies to be featured on mobile phones. One of the most interesting elements to mobile gamers is the variety and innovativeness of gameplay in games that are available for mobile gaming. From sandbox games to strategy games, to MMOs and even RPGs, there are so many diverse opportunities to test your mind, skill and gaming knowledge.