The world has fast been moving in the direction of Digital Transformation, understanding the requirements of the market in advance and developing a robust system that is predictive and scalable on-demand is the need of the hour. Continuous testing is inevitable and accelerated delivery is the key. Artificial Intelligence in Quality Assurance can help achieve that.

Benefits of Using AI Technology

Better Test Planning
For QA experts a lot of their time goes into planning test case scenario to help them launch the product with confidence and the same process is followed every time a new version is released.
AI test automation tools save time by crawling every screen and generating and executing the test scenarios.

Researched Build Release
Artificial Intelligence in QA makes it possible to examine similar apps, their contribution to the market and how was it a success. Understanding the market requirements helps build test cases to ensure the app doesn’t break upon the introduction and execution of specific goals.

Incorporating disruptions in the testing process helps developers speed up the development of the product. AI is capable of sorting through the log files, scan codes and detect errors within seconds, manual scanning takes up significantly more time, besides AI does not burnout and thus yields better results. AI can adapt to new functions and can immediately identify bugs arising out of code change.

The role of AI in Quality Assurance and testing will also be seen in the changing of testing tools, the tests will be enhanced with AI-powered visual verification, which will give out a range of different outcomes.

Testers can use AI in Quality Assurance to achieve various tasks.

    • To run a test script
    • Using AI spidering
    • Monitoring API testing
    • Automating tasks
    • AI in image-based testing

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