Third-party application integration can make your product great, make it more attractive, useful and beneficial to your users. Integrations of third-party applications, however, need effective testing.

The below guidelines will help resolve problems associated with third-party application integration.

Understand the third-party application thoroughly before testing.
While testing, often issues with third-party applications may be mistakenly recorded as product issues. This can affect time-to-market and can slow down testing efforts drastically.
It is essential for QA teams to have complete knowledge of the third-party application and how it works across all domains while creating test scenarios.

Verify communication between your product and third-party application is established.
Third-party applications may fail during use and this can occur if your product doesn’t allow the application to be used or if it restricts access. Knowledge of API and troubleshooting is vital to resolving such issues. Before integrations, it is important to verify that only approved applications are given access to your product, and essential permissions and restrictions are applied.

Make sure that the functionalities remain intact after integration and before upgrading.
Some functionalities may change after integration of third-party applications; it is essential to test the product after integration and to make sure there isn’t any impact on the flow and usability of the product before it is released.

Reports need to be effectively generated.
The testing team should verify reports contain appropriate information that is required to track the workflow and bugs are accurately documented.

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