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Robot Utilization

Tech Firefly, an outsourcing industry expert has leveraged Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to transform the client BPO experience.

Tech Firefly uses RPA to complete redundant low touch use cases with highly methodical rules-based automation. Benefits of Tech Firefly RPA solutions include:

Frugality: WOW! An RPA intelligent robot can be up to a 90% savings to clients in comparison to an onshore full-time employee in the United States.

Accuracy: Our Robot-based end-to-end processes reduce the need for human involvement with low touch, high volume customer contacts giving customers a predictable, consistent and repeatable experience.

Efficiency: Free yourself from attrition, volume spikes and shrinkage! Robots have a tolerance to work 24/7/365 and can complete routine mundane tasks that employees often find redundant.

Optimization: Standard Transition Frameworks take many weeks to execute. Robotics based processing can be implemented at scale in a few weeks giving a major advantage over traditional resource-based scaling and integration.

Scaling: A robotic workforce is highly flexible and scalable just like Tech Firefly. Robotics automation can be deployed ad hoc, prescheduled and across as many bots as required.

Our Robotics in Action:

Data Mining
RMA Analytics
Defect Analysis
Content Moderation
Inbound Sales Triage
QA Testing Automation
Execution of Manual QA
Customer Experience Insights
Patient Registration and Billing
Employee onboarding and payroll
Order Processing and Fraud Monitoring
High Touch Customer Service Use Cases
Foreign Language Recognition and Translation
Invoicing and Journal Entries
Payment Processing through OCR, CAR and MICR Recognition