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Tech Firefly is a leading provider of multilingual localization and language technology solutions. We are a team of professional in-country linguists and culture experts, along with in-house project managers, localization engineers, marketing experts, publishers, testers and QA professionals.

We specialize in content curation, content moderation, translation services, testing and deployment with an emphasis on continual improvement of the content cycle for Digital Media, eCommerce, IoT Device and App/Game companies. We curate your website and digital marketing strategies to local users throughout the world thoughtfully and effectively.

Globalization service Provider in USA
What We Localize
Website content
Social Media Marketing
Software and Apps
IoT Home Virtual Assistants
Digital Media
Video Game
SEO/Digital Marketing
  • 1. Content Curation
  • We Write, proof and edit SEO copy and web content for websites and digital media.

    We Manage and update marketing promotions on campaign calendars, websites and marketing media.

    We Monitor customer reviews and pass along customer experience insights to our clients.

    We Adhere to all content standards and production, adjusting branding across global markets.

    We Maintain, update and utilize the content management system.

    We Partner closely with cross-functional stakeholders to develop on-brand themes and content while maintaining a consistent client voice.

    We Improve by providing constant feedback on brand voice through our experience and social listening.

    We Participate by contributing to projects, tasks and meetings focused on curating our client’s digital content strategy.

    Content Curation
  • 2. Content Moderation
    • Your Brand, Your Rules and our execution. We ensure high quality and safe experiences for both people and businesses across all your digital content platforms.
    • We keep your online world engaging, appropriate, and safe.by applying your content policy to digital content and execute handling procedures with consistency.
    • Our moderators can identify subtle differences in the meaning of digital communication and accurately enforce the client’s terms of use by carefully monitoring reports of abuse.
    • We actively participate in employee assistance programs, program reporting initiatives and training to foster the well-being of you and the employee community.


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    We specialize in a deep and local understanding of content such as videos, news stories, still pictures, political ads, and social media profiles and scoring this content on areas such as age-appropriateness, level of violence, sexual content, and political transparency.

  • 3. Translation Services
  • Over 70 Different Languages Supported



    South American
    Portuguese (Brazil)

    Spanish (Mexico)
    Portuguese (Portugal)
    Spanish (Spain)



    Indian Languages

  • 4. Testing and Deployment
  • Count on our team of testing localization experts for end-to-end QA and testing processes that are cost-effective and time-efficient. With our QA Testing services, we minimize your overall risk.

    Supporting deployment, we make sure your products and voice resonate in all global locales. Our testing and automation process consist of manual, automated, black box, exploratory and user test methodologies to verify software, content and hardware meeting all functional requirements and user expectations.

    Being an experience company, what we do best when it comes to validating effective deployment of online content is UX testing. Our team of UX testers make sure your apps, products, software, content are fully enjoyed by your customers.

    We maintain a perfect balance of localized and global content.

    We gauge, validate and set global and local standards and ensure they are being implemented as intended.

    We partner with your cross-function experts including editorial teams, developers and social media managers to deliver constant feedback and improvement.

    We implement a global view of standards and compliance issues across your digital presence based on local internet cultures, languages and listening to your customers.

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