One of the biggest challenges to companies that are trying to scale up the business is attrition. People who have worked in your organization may leave for a variety of reasons. It could be dissatisfaction or a better opportunity. This makes it important to ensure that you are able to keep the employees that you need to reach the organizational goals. Losing experience is a painful hurdle in the growth of an organization, especially in fields of work that require different approaches to business.

Your employees may be leaving for any or all of the following reasons:

1. Better opportunity

This comes in many forms. It could be a better pay package, new opportunities & roles or a better position. If attrition from better opportunity is high, you may need to revise your policies and remuneration. Tech Firefly helps you identify what needs to be done to reduce the likelihood of better opportunities. The approach uses strategic thinking to suggest changes in employee motivators that will make your organization a better place to work.

2. Dissatisfaction with the organization

It is all too common to hear about the employee that hates his job, his manager or his work environment. Tech Firefly helps you set benchmarks for employee satisfaction, so you can find out what are the reasonable actions you can take. Often, small efforts towards employee welfare and complaints are enough to bring employees back to a positive mindset. The key is to use strategic inputs to identify what reasonable steps you can take to ensure cost-effective results towards employee happiness.

3. Internal politics

A poorly monitored office environment often gives rise to toxic behaviors between employees. Abuse of power, authority and a weak organizational policy can make employees seek out different opportunities. Things like stealing credit, biased management practices and a lack of team spirit can make the workplace unbearable for a majority of employees. The upper management must be vigilant and ensure that the office is a fair place where positive efforts are rewarded.

4. Inability to grow further

As an employee gains experience, his or her skill sets improve, and they become more efficient at their jobs. Eventually, most employees will seek to upgrade their roles and embrace new challenges. When the employee does not see scope for a new opportunity or role, as the top posts are all occupied for the immediate future, they may leave the organization. There can only be so many top spots, but if the employee is a valuable asset, you may want to consider different approaches to motivate them. Perhaps creating new posts, roles or expanding your business may be good ideas to create space for them.


Happy employees who see a future in your organizations are much less likely to leave. However, striking a balance between organizational interests and employee interests is crucial. Tech Firefly specializes in finding that balance, and helping you reduce your attritions to more acceptable levels. Holding on to experience will prove valuable in the long run.

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