Globalization is essential to expand your sales into global markets and effectively leverage the customer base. Globalization testing makes the application more flexible, scalable and reduces the time-to-market.

Consider this during globalization testing

1. It is important to partner with multilingual localization and language solutions provider to verify the content used in the application. Customer experience needs to be consistent across all languages in terms of content, color, and the actual message.

2. Depending on the language the user interface is likely to change either partially or completely. Usability testing has to be conducted to make sure content is not cluttered and the layout is right.

3. Different international input types also need to be tested, if the application forms require inputs of the user, then the data fields have to be taken to consideration, for example, phone numbers and zip code characters will be different from country to country.

4. Date and time formats are used differently in various parts of the world. During the testing process, date validation needs to be done considering the locality and that the application is displaying the time as per the time zone of the locality.

5. Not only the currency but also the way denominations are represented differ across regions. To represent decimals comma and periods are differently used across regions, this has to be tested for any discrepancies.

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