As we approach the holiday shopping season, many retailers may ask themselves, how can we best serve the demand for accessibility without putting our customers and our company at risk?

1. Make Sure All Content Is Easily Accessible

It is essential to ensure that all the contents on the page are accessible. This usually is not a problem but can be an issue when the page contains dynamic content.

Content is dynamic when it can change without the page it is on reloading.

2. Choose Your Colors Carefully

A very important element is making sure text stands out against the background, you should ideally set a dark color against a light one, it has to look presentable and the colors should not bleed into each other.

3. Use Headers to Structure Your Content Correctly

Structuring the content by using headers helps the site be more accessible to the users.

This improves the flow and makes the content much easier to understand and digest.

Additionally, screen readers interpret clear headers on the pages easily and helps with in-page navigation. It is simple to do, you only need to ensure correct heading levels are used in the content.

4.Design Your Forms for Accessibility

Forms have a huge advantage and are a useful addition to most sites but it has to be designed carefully. Each field has to be labeled clearly. Strategically placed so it can be best seen. A clear message should be received by the user mentioning that their message has been sent.

5. Don’t Use Tables for Anything Except Tabular Data

Using tables to display data comes in very handy, tables make a large amount of data easy to comprehend, including those using assistive technology, however, you will want to keep the data as simple as possible anything else will be confusing to screen readers and similar devices.

6. Enable Resizable Text That Doesn’t Break Your Site

It is crucial that the site is built to support resizing feature, most devices and browsers will enable users to resize text this will be helpful for those with visual impairments.

If you do not build the site to support resizing features, the text could break your design and make the site difficult for the user to interact with.

7. Avoid Automatic Media and Navigation

Media files that autoplay (Video or Music) when the page loads can be annoying, this is an even bigger issue in terms of accessibility.
Users can be confused with the sudden noise, it is best to avoid elements that start without the user first prompting them.

8. Create Content With Accessibility in Mind

Designing your site for accessibility is important, you should have the same considerations in mind when creating the content as well. This involves attention to detail to relatively minor aspects, such as descriptive names, anchor text and giving unique links. Always bear in mind content should be readable and approachable to any user who discovers it.

9. Upgrade Input Fields with Form Validation or CAPTCHA

Your website will have input fields where visitors can comment, sign up for a newsletter, contribute or simply would want to get in touch to understand your service better and you may be vulnerable to hackers. Hackers get the opportunity to inject harmful code, this type of attack range from accessing sensitive information to erasing the database, implementations of CAPTCHA secures the website.

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