In the era of Globalization, it is essential to expand your sales into global markets. With this regard, E-commerce provides limitless opportunities.

An effective localization strategy will help you market your product and make it compatible with the customers’ needs and wants. Further, more effective translation will help create an deliver a great experience for local customers.

After a proper analysis of the product and its suitability in other markets, the below points will help to create an eCommerce localization strategy.

Identifying Market Opportunities

You must have a list of markets that do not have potential with regards to your product and spend time to seek potential markets. Then with the help of market consultants and localization specialists, you could have insights about the market specifics and cultural requirements.

Customer Experience Personalization

During website personalization, it is very important to consider individual preferences. Bigger e-commerce players like Amazon follow individual preferences. This will lead to customer satisfaction and help increase brand loyalty resulting in repeat business.

Enhancing Brand Loyalty

It is necessary to make sure that the customers can connect and feel attached at all communication levels be it social media pages, phone support, text, marketing campaigns, etc, execution should be in local language.

Online Visibility

When the customers look for you online, your brand should be easily visible which means your e-commerce localization strategy should include Search Engine Optimization and it has to be localized, this requires knowledge of cultural sensitivities so that words and jargons can be used in online searching.

Social Media

Communication is at the crux of Social Media, you cannot grab the attention of your target audience if you don’t communicate in a language they understand the best. It is not right to assume that every customer is on Facebook and Twitter, different societies need different treatment when it comes to social media.

Customer Trust

Many users and buyers read reviews have a look at the rating before completing their purchase.
This means it is important to deliver reviews in their native language, this will help bring in more conversion.

Mobile App Localization
Mobile shopping has rapidly grown over the years and people are using their smartphones to make payments. In order to enter a potential market, you need to have a m-commerce application that can fulfill the needs and demands.

Payment in own Language

The m-commerce application should be able to convert currencies and research has to be done on different available payment options and association with the payment providers for that locale.

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