90% of companies are on the cloud. Testing Cloud-Based applications include use shared resources to create an environment that simulates real-world traffic and user scenarios. Ease of access to the cloud environment ensures scalable software testing. While providing quality results it also helps in freeing up resources to be used in other parts of the project.

Cloud-based testing comes with its advantages and drawbacks, these need to be considered.

Advantages of Cloud-Based testing:

  • A cloud-based testing environment is readily available.
  • It is beneficial to the organization that needs a fast turnaround time.
  • Most cloud-based testing applications work using a subscription model, registering and testing is quick and simple.
  • Cloud-Based testing services are affordable and secure.
  • Testing can be performed using private, public or hybrid clouds.
  • Cloud-based testing allows you to increase and decrease as your needs change or your project goals shift.

Few drawbacks that come along with cloud-based software testing:

  • Cloud servers are not backed up, there is no monitoring of redundant test plans.
  • When you subscribe to cloud-based testing, you need to share information and data to an external party, though in most cases data remains confidential and safe, it is critical to vary of it.
  • Your application could be rich in features and you may add new functionality on a regular basis, the testing services may not necessarily be equipped to test new feature release.
  • Cloud resources are shared by many other organizations hence the demand will always fluctuate, for optimum effectiveness you need to have a large amount of bandwidth, if not you will end up with bandwidth issues.

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