Tech-based innovations have changed the way businesses approach their objectives, the digital age has brought agility and improved performance, cutting-edge technologies is leveraged to maximize operational efficiencies.

The emergence of different possibilities and use-cases is tackled with Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, IoT, Automation and in-depth analytics.

Smarter homes, self-driving cars, healthcare, data mining, etc. have all changed and will keep changing in the near future. Preventive maintenance, predictive analytics, management of complex data are few weapons in the arsenal of a tech-driven organization.

AI has various use cases, in just about every vertical, however, the practicality of AI is best utilized with automation. Artificial Intelligent / Smart / Cognitive automation are all used to address challenges and help with end-to-end transformation of organizations.

Automation started as a tool to reduce cost using RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) a human triggered approach to process complex data with minimum human involvement and with no ability to learn, then RPA expanded hand helped to structure the data.

Today, autonomics has reached a to a new level, automation has gained cognitive abilities with the ability to learn, understand and process extremely complex and unstructured data.

Most organizations still rely on NLP (Natural Language Processing) as a cognitive tool, the journey to complete automation as begun for most, automation tools with advance AI capabilities are taking over redundant processes.

Changing landscapes for businesses

Heat Map Generation using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language
There are many uses cases across various verticals security, theft monitoring, traffic management, space utilization and much more. This end-to-end automation is possible with solutions like RPA, AI, NLP and optical character recognition (OCR).

Banking, financial service and insurance
Claims Processing & Clearance Premium Information, data entry, compliance regulations, debt analysis, automation of business tasks are all possible today with speed accuracy and insights.

Travel & Logistics
Ticket booking, passenger details, accounting, classification, monitoring and enhancing the overall experience.

Customer Experience
Enhanced customer experience, predictive analytics to forecasting customer’s needs and help with hyper-personalized customer experience.

Automation comprising of ML-driven text analytics and RPA components:
Users can extract data for faster processing, it enables functional specific classification and tagging of metadata, Machine language can be trained and retrained hence it will eventually improve the accuracy.

The average productivity of humans is 60% with few errors as compared to Robot’s productivity which is 100% without any errors.

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