Blockchain technology is renowned for its disruptive technology and the level of security it brings to applications and processes. Many entrepreneurs are now trying to leverage this technology in their business platforms as well.
Blockchain ledgers offer incredible benefits like decentralized data encryption, consensus community governance with POW(Proof-Of-Work) as well as dedicated algorithms that ensure secure transactions and records. This is a major benefit to developers looking to keep their products free from hacking and misuse and provide better security for their users.

Here are a few security benefits that are offered by blockchain technology in the gaming industry:

Integrated Gaming Profiles
Most gaming platforms require users to create a gaming profile before they can access the platform’s games and other features. With multiple franchises across different platforms, it becomes difficult to maintain multiple gaming profiles. Blockchain gaming applications offer users the ability to create an integrated, single gaming profile that can be accessed and operated across gaming portals. This approach creates an enhanced user experience for gamers with the added accessibility of interlinking operations in applications.

Secure Investments In Games
Experienced and die-hard gamers often spend money on purchasing intangible game assets on gaming platforms and their respective games. Blockchain technology allows them to conduct these transactions in a safe and secure manner through its cryptographic codes. Gamers are often passionate about collectible or limited offer gaming items which leave them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Blockchain technology allows gamers to make payments through digital resources like crypto coins or other similar modes of payment. Blockchain can also become a worthwhile investment opportunity due to the enhanced security measures it offers.

Decentralized Storage
Blockchain gaming platforms will popularize decentralized data and resource storage. This will create enhanced security for resources and in-game assets. As these decentralized servers ensure that data is stored across multiple nodes, it becomes almost impossible for the resources to be hacked or misused. The security in terms of storage and access allows gamers as well as developers to trade and earn cryptocurrencies and store them in e-wallets for future use.

Resource Trading & Rewards
Through blockchain technology, gamers and developers have access to creating games and applications that are packed with resources, gaming applications, upgrading game versions and earning rewards using the mining processes employed within blockchain gaming. This facilitates collaboration between gamers and technical experts to create a rich and engaging user experience in the application as well as in earning tokens. Blockchain technology will also facilitate the trading of in-game assets for cryptocurrencies or fiat.

The gaming community will also be able to possess ownership of assets with legitimate processes through smart contract protocols. The resources built by developers in the blockchain gaming community will guarantee that no one can make fraudulent ownership claims or create false licenses.

Control Over Favorite Gaming Applications
Blockchain gaming platforms are immutable. This means that gaming applications and their versions that are deployed on the network remain stable indefinitely. This facilitates the download and installation of games and their various versions from anywhere without compromising on the gaming experience.

Community Governance
The development of consensus community governance using blockchain technology can enrich the entire gaming industry. The nodes which verify and authorize the transactions, trading of resources in the gaming platform, may be rewarded with the mining process. This rewarding and loyalty feature can disrupt the gaming industry to a greater extent.

Nodes used for verifying and authorizing transactions, the trade of resources in gaming platforms, will become quite beneficial through the mining process. Such loyalty and reward features will bring disruptive and transformative changes to the gaming industry as a whole.

Globalized Payments
Blockchain gaming applications provide an enriched transaction experience through native crypto tokens or other similar tokens to process transactions. Gamers can pay for these tokens using credit or debit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Paytm etc. As these transactions occur in real-time, fraud transactions can be easily prevented in blockchain gaming platforms.